RED LAKKIS Creative Designer . Artist . Illustrator From Cambridge England My work celebrates atmosphere and texture, identity of design and the meaning and emotion driving it.


Environment and experience of an idea is a journey that can be described artistically in many ways, this is what I enjoy most about a project - Art is endless. By translating life in art, throughout many industries it’s been a first choice of communication to create unique pieces in order to express a subject when words cannot explain.


I’ve been a Creative Designer for 11 years ranging from logo design to books and illustration. I have a great interest in Branding and work in Dubai as a visual artist to help companies curate their niche in the market.

Since I was 14 I have created my own brand with a character based on Nature. The main character Max has no face and no race, he is learning the human experience much like a toddler would, in innocence. PEAPLE is built around mental health, as I self study I put together short books on emotional hygiene using the colour spectrum. 

You can find the products on the shop page or @mypeaple

If you would like to contact me you can email me on

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